Sniper-focused Targeted Advertising

Somebody told you that you need to advertise on Facebook.

But you aren't a marketer, you didn't get into your business so you can worry about marketing on the internet.

You got into your business so you can focus on doing the work you love.

What you need is somebody who can step in for you and handle this stuff so you don't have to think about it anymore.

And from my experience you fall into one of these groups:

1.) Tried running Facebook Ads and failed miserably.

2.) Got the hang of Facebook Ads but you results have been ... MEH.

3.) Managing a decent profit with a nice CPA but as soon you try to scale... your costs skyrocket sucking your profit right along with it.

4.) Got your Facebook advertising account banned because of the updates to the algorithm. Welp.

No matter which group you belong to, becoming AWARE of your problem was your first hurdle and you jumped over it.

Now you coming up on your next hurdle and you want to keep your momentum going to avoid crashing head first.

Its the Decision.. but there are so many...

"Facebook Experts"
"Facebook Marketers"
"Facebook Specialists"
"Facebook Gurus"

Now "paralysis analysis" is kicking in and you don't have time to look through all these profiles.

You just want somebody who is good at what they do, trustworthy, and most importantly looking out for you.

Because that's why you really here.

You want someone to HAVE YOUR BACK while you spend time on things you love or the people you love.

So you got to jump this hurdle and stick the landing in full stride because deep down you know Facebook Advertising is all the rave right now...

And if you aren't doing it are you even really a "real business"?

We both know... you are a real business and it takes finding the right person you can put in place to help your business grow. A person like... me.

Hello (waves).

I'm Willie Abad, founder of New Age Digital Agency. A Professional Engineer by trade who has made the transition to Facebook Ads.

I use the same meticulous skills needed in engineering to solve problems by coming up with the most optimized solutions.

In this case, finding the reason your ads aren't working and converting them into well-oiled profiting machines.

I have spent a gazillion hours (feels like it anyway) and thousands of dollars(literally) of my own money mastering Facebook Ads

My knack for analyzing data... has helped me create a proven step-by-step formula that builds and optimizes your profitability while scaling your monthly ad spend.

My formula includes:

1. Deep research into identifying your perfect audience(s).

2. Developing the right messaging for your Facebook Ads.

3. Delivering the right targeted customers to your business.

My services will include handling all of the above and most importantly... *having your back*.

So you just cleared your last hurdle and the finish line is in sight... you ready to break the ribbon 1st?

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P.S. - The majority of failed Facebook ad accounts are due to errors WAYYYY beyond the settings being used in your ad account or your targeting.

You more than likely have systemic issues that will keep you from EVER being profitable (until they're fixed)...

If you were to hire an agency BEFORE identifying these issues (which most "agencies" don't even know exists...

Then you run a REALLY HIGH CHANCE of spending even more money on failed marketing campaigns from failed agencies.

That's why we offer a Facebook account audit.

I'll take a look at your existing campaigns - tearing apart your settings, targeting, and copy.


I'll also take a look into your funnel - tearing apart your messaging and process to make SURE that it CAN be profitable for you BEFORE you spend another dime on ads.

I'll take it one step further by digging into your back-end sales process so we can find ways to maximize your revenue from your current leads and ad spend.

This helps you to make MORE money WITHOUT having to spend more 🙂

If you'd find benefit in this type of service, message me for details.

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